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What is My Advertising Pays ?

What is MAPS? (My Advertising Pays)

In short… “It’s impossible NOT to Make MONEY!” (I’m already earning over 100K per MONTH in 4 months)

Some people ask: What is My Advertising Pays and how does it work?

(I’m already earning over 100K per MONTH in 4 months)

Some people ask: What is My Advertising Pays
and how does it work?

OK, to answer this let’s look at two things that everyone
comes across in their lives. Magazines and commercial TV.

Whenever you flick through a magazine you’ll see adverts.

And when you switch on the TV you’ll see adverts there too.

Advertising has become such a part of our daily lives that we
almost take it for granted.

Even surfing for stuff on Google or connecting with friends
on Facebook brings us into contact with adverts.

Coming from a magazine background myself, I understand how they work.

Magazines are filled with interesting or informative articles
and often sold for a cover price, and it’s these articles that
attract readers.

But it’s really the adverts that makes the money –
unless there’s a high cover charge – and enables the
magazines to appear on the shelves.

Paid for adverts cover the cost of the staff, journalists,
and column writers. They enable editors to spend money
buying photographic rights, and allow for elaborate photo
shoots for the cover that is hoped will make that
publication stand out from its competitor titles.

Advertising revenues also cover the cost of materials,
printing, and distribution. And finally, if the numbers
stack up, they provide the profit margin.

The articles attract readers, and readers attract the interest of advertisers.

The greater number of readers – or viewers in the case of TV –
then advertisers will queue up to take part and the publisher
can charge higher fees.

A case in point is the Super Bowl. Now attracting in excess of
111 million viewers, the average cost of a 30-second advertisement
on the TV channel showing it in 2013 was around $4 million.

In the United States, Better Homes and Gardens, Family Circle,
and Good Housekeeping are among the most popular titles
accounting for over 16 million readers between them.

Naturally they are well supported by advertisers.

It’s not rocket science. It’s just simple mathematics.
Advertisers go where the people go and work on the
principle that the more readers there are, then there’s
a greater chance that someone will look at their ad, so
increasing the probability of a sale.

In other words, advertisers are interested in buying eyeballs.

My Advertising Pays works in a similar way by offering advertisers
the chance to place their product in front of people, many of whom
will engage with their ad and possibly buy.

In its first few months alone 200+ people a day became members,
many of whom buy products they see advertised on the site.

But how does MAPS attract 200+ people a day to join?

There are no articles to read, or shows to see. So what’s the attraction?

The answer is all members are eligible to share in profits providing
they buy at least one Credit Pack and surf 10 websites a day.

And the more Credit Packs they own, the greater their profit sharing potential is.

Just like a magazine or commercial TV channel, My Advertising Pays
is a vehicle for advertisers to share their products to potential buyers.

But unlike traditional media outlets, it has no published or broadcast
material to offer and so this money can be used to reward its
members for surfing ads because that cost has been eliminated.

Remember, advertisers want eyeballs, and so My Advertising Pays
is effectively buying them and bringing the two together on one platform.

Paying people to click on ads is now well established,
and there are companies out there that have upwards
of 3 million people doing just that.

But generally payments are low – often only about $0.0001 per click –
and this means that making any real money from these programs is problematic.

In contrast My Advertising Pays offers a lucrative
solution to many people’s money worries that is
affordable, achievable, and sustainable.

By joining this program now, in less than one year you
could be earning a considerable income from a very
affordable NO COST starting point.

I’m personally already earning in excess of 100K per MONTH
in my first 4 months! (my results not typical)

Get involved today by completing your membership. Click here now:

http://www.MyAdvertisingPays.co.uk  NO COST

Be sure Adrian Hibbert is your sponsor.

In short…

“It’s impossible NOT to Make MONEY!”

I’ll be waiting to hear from you.

Work Smart and Not Hard

Always be Awesome

Adrian Hibbert – Property Professional and Internet Marketer


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