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What are some good ways to make money online without spending money?

Question by Jay: What are some good ways to make money online without spending money?
No scammers or spammers please. I’m looking for legit ways to make money online. If you have any ideas, please feel free to share. Thanks 🙂

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Answer by Amelie C
I just answered a similar question so I’ll copy and paste my answer for you:

*Important* There aren’t many safe ways of making money online, most are scams (remember if you have to “invest” or pay money first to join a money making programme then theres a 99% chance that its a scam, never give out your credit card details online, and always do your research first!)

1) Google Adsense
This is a good option if you have your own website that gets 1000+ hits a day. You can place ads from google on your website and earn money each time a visitor clicks on them (usually about 1 -5 cents a click). I only recommend this if you’re site is popular. Creating a site just for google adsense isn’t a good idea because you’re not going to make much money with spam websites anyway .

If you want to check it out:

2) A much better way to make money online: Have you heard of iHerb.com? They are a reputable online store for good quality vitamins & supplements. iHerb is rated the #1 online store for vitamins by consumerlab.com. iHerb offers a referral programme and pays you for word of mouth advertising.. If you refer customers you can earn a percentage of their purchase (sort of like commission). It won’t make you rich but you can expect to earn about $ 50 a month without spending any of your own money. Please note you need to have your own customer account to do this so if you have shopped at iherb previously you can check out the referral programme (or even if you haven’t shopped with them just buy something for $ 5 or so to get started):

1. If you don’t have an iherb account just buy something for less than $ 5 and remember to use the coupon code NIV621 to get $ 5 off. so its bascially free.
2. Then log in to your account and activate your referral code. Your referral code is a coupon code (like mine above lol ) which you can give out to potential customers.
3. Post your coupon code on websites like retailmenot.com, myretailcodes.com or fatwallet.com
4. When soemeone enters your coupon code you can earn up to 10% comission from their purchase. how cool is that?
5. When you have over $ 300 iherb will send you a cheque or you can use the money to buy products from their website.

Good luck and if you found this helpful please use my coupon code =)

Research this online if you have any doubts or you can email me

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