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How to make money online?

Question by Natalie A: How to make money online?
I work in a grade school so I don’t get a pay check 3 months a year. No one will hire me for seasonal, and no one is really hiring around here right now anyways. Is there a legit money making website where I can work to make money. Not a scam one, and i’m actually willing to do hours of work on the computer I dont expected money to be free. Any tips would be great, especially if you have used the sites yourselves! thanks

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Answer by pdq
***EDIT*** Looks like this is going to a vote. That means a person whose name rhymes with “bad advice” will hunt down this question and vote against my answers with his 8 different profiles. He is on a vengeance quest against me.

No problem, ‘bad advice’. I LOVE the fact that you waste HOURS and HOURS just devoted to me. It makes laugh you pathetic excuse for life.

***Below was my original answer.***

I have a very useful tip, actually. You may think I’m being snide or rude, but it’s actually very helpful advice, and I am being sincere by posting this.

You’re off to a bad start by posting this in the “Gambling” section. I think you’ll get better results if you posted this elsewhere.

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