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My Advertising Pays Update

Just realised it was ONLY a month ago today that we were at the My Advertising Pays National Event in GERMANY with over 800 MAPPERS! a week later we were in SPAIN for My Advertising Pays SPAIN!, Week later Nantwich, weekend after that we were in LONDON for My Advertising Pays LONDON Event, This weekend gone was My Advertising Pays PARIS Event! Tomorrow we are in WALES for My Advertising Pays North Wales Event!

Thursday we fly to DUBAI for My Advertising Pays DUBAI to launch the Middle East! The following week we head to ROME for My Advertising Pays Italy Event! A week later we head to WARSAW for My Advertising Pays POLAND Event! After that its My Advertising Pays Germany for our 2nd year anniversary!

I remember the early days and people said, Simon are you stupid? your an idiot! It wont last! etc. etc, I never ever listen or take advice from people who make less than me, I never listen to Negatives. I BELIEVE in myself, I BELIEVE in our awesome CEO Mike Deese! I BELIEVE in our AMAZING Corporate Team! I BELIEVE in all our AMAZING LEADERSHIP. I BELIEVE IN YOU!!! I follow my instinct, I don’t just think, I KNOW  My Advertising Pays is built for LIFE. I KNOW My Advertising Pays will be a household name!

I KNOW My Advertising Pays will be a BILLION Dollar company. I KNOW My Advertising Pays will create More MILLIONAIRES than any other direct sales company COMBINED! Im #ADDICTED I am #UNSTOPPABLE I am a #DIAMOND I CREATE #MILLIONAIRES

I AM A TRAFFIC EXPERT! I INSPIRE OTHERS! (ALREADY MADE 5 My Advertising Pays MILLIONAIRES, THOUSANDS MORE ON THE WAY) #ResultsNotTypical My advice is simple, GET to the NEXT MAP Event!!!

GET INSPIRED! BE AROUND AND SURROUND YOURSELF with the WINNERS IN LIFE! & take your business your income & YOUR life to a whole new level! Grab your tickets at www.MapEvents.info #ThisIsJustTheStart #Map #Unstoppable #Addicted





Adrian Hibbert






My Advertising Pays (MAP) MAJOR Announcement

We have a MAJOR My Advertising Pays announcement to make!

my advertising pays

We have been hard at work behind the scenes setting up the future of My Advertising Pays. With our Executive Team, I have We have a MAJOR announcement to make! We have been hard at work behind the scenes setting up the future of My Advertising Pays. With our Executive Team, I have spent the last couple of months working very closely with many of our current partners and future, potential partners. Recently, we’ve had big strategy meetings and have taken MASSIVE action since then. My Advertising Pays will be a different kind of Advertising Beast (we estimate) by the end of the first quarter/beginning of second quarter of 2016 . Here’s a few things you can expect (some of these items are subject to change as some are simply in the ‘idea’ stage). Transparency is important to us so we’ve listed the good and bad below.

My Advertising Pays 2.0!

The Good

• Better Advertising and statistics on your ads complete with Analytics and Line Graphs!
• Lower bank fees!
• Debit Cards for earnings. Buy your groceries with MAP commissions!
• Away with the Dollar and in with the Euro! Yep, My Advertising Pays is switching currency. All products and earnings will be sold/earned in Euro € (which means no more conversion fees at the bank)!
• External Advertising and External Revenue (Publishers Listing Service)! You will be able to purchase advertising on external websites through the My Advertising Pays platform, and have your advertisements seen worldwide! Make money by listing your website with us!
• Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising! Only pay for real action taken on your Ad!
• Retargeting Online Advertising Products!
– What is Retargeting?
Behavioral retargeting (also known as behavioral remarketing, or simply, retargeting) is a form of online targeted advertising by which online advertising is targeted to consumers based on their previous Internet actions, in situations where these actions did not result in a sale or conversion.
• Increased commissions on corporate products! We will be creating an adverting sales force to go out and show businesses how they can benefit from using our services. These corporate products will potentially pull in millions in external revenue for our loyal members!
• Loyalty Points System!
• A completely new, innovative, modernized and robust website built from the ground up with new designs and advertising products!
• Compliance training and promotional guidelines. With the upcoming My Advertising Pays Academy, all of the training resources and guidelines needed on how to promote our business will be available at the click of a button!
• Academy & Corporate approved National & Regional Leaders with standardized My Advertising Pays presentations!
• Volume-based affiliate commission percentage! The more you sell, the more you earn!
• Free Members will be allowed to earn on up to a certain number of Credit Packs!
• And last, but certainly not least, our very own in-house programming team devoted to My Advertising Pays only. Currently, we are under contract from a firm that has other customers. Over the last couple of weeks, our amazing brand new, latest and greatest computers and hardware have arrived and been set up, our office space leased with motivational messages plastered on the walls throughout, an IT Manager hired, a new programming specialist being interviewed and vetted (with more hires to come), and the framework of My Advertising Pays 2.0 being constructed as we speak! Coming soon, we will have a whole team of dedicated programmers, designers and specialists that will be answerable to My Advertising Pays and only My Advertising Pays.  With this new team, once My Advertising Pays 2.0 and all of her new products are launched and off the ground, we will be offering website building services to our members to further increase our external revenue streams, which strengthens My Advertising Pays bottom line! Yep, one day in the near future, you can have My Advertising Pays build your websites, capture pages, lead generation systems and much much more!

The Bad (?)

  • Advertising Funds will not be in My Advertising Pays 2.0. Once we transfer all current members to My Advertising Pays 2.0, the new accounts will not have Advertising Funds. You must use what you have or you will lose it when our new website launches, which is estimated to be 6 months or so from now. Our current banner system is overloaded with ads. Doing away with the Advertising Fund is going to drastically increase the impressions on your ads and while providing MUCH better value on your purchase(s).
  • Current product codes will not be transferred because the new advertising system will be completely different. So you must use or lose them by the time the transfer to the new site happens. You have quite some time to do so.
  • Membership fees will not be refunded. If your membership fee is due just before we get ready to launch the new platform, we suggest just letting your account sit idle until the transfer is complete if you are worried about losing the Membership fee. Totally your call.
  • Anyone with a certain credit pack level (number yet to be determined), will have a small monthly account maintenance fee (similar to Membership Levels). We will ensure that this is charged only to those with sufficient account levels so that it doesn’t really affect your balance.

The goal is to always ensure we are making the best decisions for the Company, so that the members will continue getting paid for a lifetime, based on quality products and services.

Oh yea! My Advertising Pays is here to stay and we are ramping up our efforts so that we will be able to withstand our ENORMOUS growth! With all of your support, My Advertising Pays 1.0 has served us well. We now have the opportunity to capitalize on our success and charge forward into new advertising categories and really differentiate ourselves from anyone else online today. We have a lot of work to do, but the future is definitely bright with My Advertising Pays 2.0!


United States Market Decline and Subsequent My Advertising Pays Corporate Decision

We have battled with this decision. After careful consideration and extensive consultation with our Legal Team, My Advertising Pays Executives, Tax Advisors, Financial Advisors and European My Advertising Pays Leaders, we have unfortunately decided to completely pull out of the American marketplace.


The decision comes on the heels of a declining marketplace in the US for our company. It simply isn’t profitable for us to remain engaged there. Over 90% of our business already comes from Europe, while we are catering to the US members by operating in US currency. It doesn’t make good business sense to continue operating in a place and expending valuable resources in a market that’s steadily declining. We are going to focus on the place where we are wanted and are making huge strides. This is strictly a business decision we’ve had to make based on the numbers.

How’s this going to work and what does it mean for you?

If you are an American Citizen;

  • As of now, all current American members’ My Advertising Pays profiles are read-only, meaning you can’t change your profile to another country. If you legitimately have citizenship in another country, can legally operate from it, and can prove it, you will need to contact our support department and provide this proof before we will change anything in your profile for you. Please submit a support ticket with the subject line “Legal Change of Address” and include in the ticket your Legal ID from a country other than the US. All ID’s will be vetted to ensure legitimacy.
  • Current US members can no longer purchase credit packs.
  • If you are an American member, even though Profit-Share earnings are not guaranteed, your currently held credit packs will be paid off completely over an extended time-frame. The extension will be due to the loss in profit we will obviously have from the American market. Being ethical here is very important to us so we wanted to ensure our American members were still paid.
  • The America profit-share system is now separated from the International profit-share system. The US-PS system will pay out profits according to advertising purchased by American participants. It is practically impossible for us to determine how long it’s going to take for all of your current credit packs to be completely fulfilled, but we suspect it will take around 6 months or longer. Please do not construe this as a promise by us as it completely depends on advertising sold to Americans.
  • Any American member that has made a purchase through a payment processor within the last 30 days can ask for a 100% refund and we will process those for you, so there is no need to dispute the charge with your credit card issuing bank. Please submit a support ticket with the subject line – “US Refund” and we will process them ASAP.
  • Any American member with referrals will still earn referral commissions from those referrals purchases uninterrupted, according to your Membership Level.


We are offering a lump sum payout to anyone that has already earned more than they have paid to us. This offer extends to ONLY those that can pass the following test;

Total your IPAYOUT+STP+VX purchases. If that number is LESS than the “Total Earned” number found on your My Credit Pack Stats page ( https://www.myadvertisingpays.com/Dot_Shares.asp ), then you will qualify for a lump sum payment. Please do not count purchases made with your MyAcct.

October 30th, 2015 will be the last day you can request a lump sum payment. After that date, your credit packs will earn until fulfilled.

Lump sum payments will come from the US Reserve Fund and the offer will be less than the total payout for your existing credit packs (check your dashboard for your specific payout amount). You do not have to accept this payment and can opt to earn the total amount of your Credit Packs over an extended period of time. The Adfund will not be a consideration in the lump sum payout amount.

If you are an International Member;

  • Absolutely nothing will change for you! You will earn profits based on International sales, which are tremendous!
  • The International Reserve Fund will be untouched for US payouts.

Even though I really hate to pull out of the US, I have absolutely no doubts that this move is going to prove to be one of the best business decisions we’ve ever made. The Euro is a strong and stable currency and we will be able to put 100% of our efforts and resources in the marketplace which is BOOMING right now. Month over month, our international revenue has beat the month prior since October 2014, with the exception of one month, while our US revenue has steadily declined.

Here is a letter drafted by a Senior Partner of our Legal Team explaining this move in an official capacity;

Jonathan D. Herpy Sr.



360 West Butterfield Road | Suite 325 | Elmhurst, IL 60126

Hart & David LLP | www.hartdavidlaw.com

630.395.9496 | F 630.395.9451

October 14, 2015


MyAdvertisingPays.Com Client/Affiliate

201 Rogers Office Building
Edwin Wallace Rey Drive

George Hill, Anguilla

Re: MyAdvertisingPays.com | United States Business Operations

Dear MyAdvertisingPays.com Clients & Affiliates:

We appreciate the hard work and effort you have demonstrated by participating in the   My Advertising Pays  (“MAP”) business and want to inform you of upcoming changes to the My Advertising Pays corporate structure. Based on recent financial analysis, MAP has determined that it is no longer profitable to continue business operations in the United States.

Unfortunately, the global economy has forced  My Advertising Pays to pursue other opportunities in foreign markets that simply are not

What is My Advertising Pays ?

What is MAPS? (My Advertising Pays)

In short… “It’s impossible NOT to Make MONEY!” (I’m already earning over 100K per MONTH in 4 months)

Some people ask: What is My Advertising Pays and how does it work?

(I’m already earning over 100K per MONTH in 4 months)

Some people ask: What is My Advertising Pays
and how does it work?

OK, to answer this let’s look at two things that everyone
comes across in their lives. Magazines and commercial TV.

Whenever you flick through a magazine you’ll see adverts.

And when you switch on the TV you’ll see adverts there too.

Advertising has become such a part of our daily lives that we
almost take it for granted.

Even surfing for stuff on Google or connecting with friends
on Facebook brings us into contact with adverts.

Coming from a magazine background myself, I understand how they work.

Magazines are filled with interesting or informative articles
and often sold for a cover price, and it’s these articles that
attract readers.

But it’s really the adverts that makes the money –
unless there’s a high cover charge – and enables the
magazines to appear on the shelves.

Paid for adverts cover the cost of the staff, journalists,
and column writers. They enable editors to spend money
buying photographic rights, and allow for elaborate photo
shoots for the cover that is hoped will make that
publication stand out from its competitor titles.

Advertising revenues also cover the cost of materials,
printing, and distribution. And finally, if the numbers
stack up, they provide the profit margin.

The articles attract readers, and readers attract the interest of advertisers.

The greater number of readers – or viewers in the case of TV –
then advertisers will queue up to take part and the publisher
can charge higher fees.

A case in point is the Super Bowl. Now attracting in excess of
111 million viewers, the average cost of a 30-second advertisement
on the TV channel showing it in 2013 was around $4 million.

In the United States, Better Homes and Gardens, Family Circle,
and Good Housekeeping are among the most popular titles
accounting for over 16 million readers between them.

Naturally they are well supported by advertisers.

It’s not rocket science. It’s just simple mathematics.
Advertisers go where the people go and work on the
principle that the more readers there are, then there’s
a greater chance that someone will look at their ad, so
increasing the probability of a sale.

In other words, advertisers are interested in buying eyeballs.

My Advertising Pays works in a similar way by offering advertisers
the chance to place their product in front of people, many of whom
will engage with their ad and possibly buy.

In its first few months alone 200+ people a day became members,
many of whom buy products they see advertised on the site.

But how does MAPS attract 200+ people a day to join?

There are no articles to read, or shows to see. So what’s the attraction?

The answer is all members are eligible to share in profits providing
they buy at least one Credit Pack and surf 10 websites a day.

And the more Credit Packs they own, the greater their profit sharing potential is.

Just like a magazine or commercial TV channel, My Advertising Pays
is a vehicle for advertisers to share their products to potential buyers.

But unlike traditional media outlets, it has no published or broadcast
material to offer and so this money can be used to reward its
members for surfing ads because that cost has been eliminated.

Remember, advertisers want eyeballs, and so My Advertising Pays
is effectively buying them and bringing the two together on one platform.

Paying people to click on ads is now well established,
and there are companies out there that have upwards
of 3 million people doing just that.

But generally payments are low – often only about $0.0001 per click –
and this means that making any real money from these programs is problematic.

In contrast My Advertising Pays offers a lucrative
solution to many people’s money worries that is
affordable, achievable, and sustainable.

By joining this program now, in less than one year you
could be earning a considerable income from a very
affordable NO COST starting point.

I’m personally already earning in excess of 100K per MONTH
in my first 4 months! (my results not typical)

Get involved today by completing your membership. Click here now:

http://www.MyAdvertisingPays.co.uk  NO COST

Be sure Adrian Hibbert is your sponsor.

In short…

“It’s impossible NOT to Make MONEY!”

I’ll be waiting to hear from you.

Work Smart and Not Hard

Always be Awesome

Adrian Hibbert – Property Professional and Internet Marketer


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