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What is your Motivation ?

If you want to make money online, build a home-based business, and ultimately, experience real financial freedom, then there’s one thing that you need above all else.


More specifically, you need clearly defined goals that you desperately want to achieve, and even more importantly, a strict deadline to achieve them by.

Only by setting specific goals and deadlines will you have the motivation you need to not only get started, but to generate a real online income, and then build your business to the point where it becomes a 4, 5 or even 6 figure a month cash machine.

And what’s more, this deadline must be challenging too, because if you give yourself too much time to achieve your goal, you’ll never have the focus or the drive to actually get it done!

Instead, you’ll just plod along aimlessly, safe in the knowledge that you’ve got plenty of time to achieve it.

So take a few moments to think about what you want to achieve from your online business…

What is your motivation?

What is it that you really want, that you currently can’t afford?

Do you want a brand new sports car, or a holiday home abroad?

Maybe you want a new house in the countryside, with acres of land for you and your children to enjoy, and a basement big enough for your very own cinema room?!

Whatever it is, you need to be really passionate about achieving it. You need to really want it, and it should be something that you can’t have right now because of the cost.

This will be your first goal.

And once you’ve thought of something, be sure to set yourself a challenging (but realistic) deadline to achieve it by.

When you’ve settled on a goal, write it down on a piece of paper or a post-it note and stick it up on your wall, right in front of your desk, so you see it EVERY DAY.

Whatever you write down, this is what you’re going to be working towards. This is what’s going to drive you towards success, and ensure that you don’t lose your motivation, and tamely give up.

Never let yourself forget about this goal.

This is what successful business people do all the time.

And they do it because they’ve discovered that this is the very best way to keep them motivated, focused and driven – so that they can ultimately turn their dreams into reality.

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