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Daniel Wagner – Update – Hangout on April 23rd, 2014 – 8pm

Hey, its Daniel Wagner here…

Well, I’m sure you want to hear that
story, right?

So here is this guy, who used to be a
monk. I mean seriously having NOTHING
(materially) and missioning in the streets
preaching the word of god.

Today he’s a multimillionaire business
owner and a marketing genius.

And it only took 7 seconds!

Not building the business of course.
Don’t be daft!


To say – NO MORE. This HAS to change.

These life changing moments take less
than 7 seconds.

YOU know this to be true. You’ve
experienced it yourself in your life!

The moment when you walk away from a job
you hate, a relationship that isn’t
serving you anymore, the moment you
decide to lose weight or get fit or –
become a millionaire.

The decision is made in a heart beat –
and you know that it feels good. It
comes with that little bit of excitement
and fear that tells you this is REAL.
I’m moving up. I’m getting outside my
comfort zone.

And you look back at your
life and you know that all important
changes in your life started with those
snap decisions.

So who is this millionaire monk? The
guy’s name is Jason Fladlien and I know
the guy for 6 years now. In my book he
is a genius.

James and I have bought many of his
products and it’s Jason’s company we
joined the Amazon Business training
through. For reasons that will
become very evident on Wednesday
April 23rd at 8pm (UK).

Jason is a rare human being. A deep
understanding of the human mind and
being, an obsessive will to succeed, a
gift with language and words and a
dedication to a great customer
experience and a high level of integrity
had him build a $4.6 million business in
record time.

Why should you care? Well – for at least
two reasons.

First – Jason and his business partner
Wilson are our success partners in the
Amazon Business launch and I have the
privilege to host a private audience
with Jason on Wednesday at 8pm (UK).

Be there – this man is a marketing god
and one of the smartest minds you’ll
have the pleasure of learning from.

He’ll also make a very compelling case
(and show you some secret tools NO-ONE
has access to) for why you simply MUST
build your Amazon business with them.
Don’t miss this! You’ll regret it.

Second – I want to make sure you
understand that you DON’T have to be a
marketing genius with a deep
understanding of the human mind and
being, you DON’T have to be an obsessive
with an iron will to succeed, you DON’T
need a gift with language and words and
you DON’T have to have built a $4.6
million business to succeed with the
Amazon business.

So for you there is truly only ONE
condition: Show up on Tuesday with a
notepad and on open mind.

Go here and register now:

You might not be a monk and you might
not be a multi millionaire – YET – but
YOU too can make a decision in just 7
seconds or less to turn it all around.
Like joining Jason Fladlien and I on
Wednesday at 8pm.

To your ‘I made a smart decision’

Daniel Wagner

PS: Think about it. The potential of the
multi millionaire marketing genius was
already living inside the humble monk.
And all it took was the right trigger to
make the decision. What potential is
already inside of you, waiting to be
awakened? Find out, let Jason be the
‘trigger’ to make your decision.

Go here and register now:

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