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BitGold – The Smart Way to Buy GOLD…

As you may have already heard this morning the European Union has now entered into a negative interest rate environment with a -0.4% negative rate on your Euros. This is effective on March 16, 2016. The European Banks will need to pass this cost on to their customers and account holders and thats you. More importantly, the European Union is expanding their money printing to 86 Billion Euro a month or 1 Trillion Euros a year.

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This is why BitGold was created. To help consumers like you in times like this. Negatives rates and increase in qualitative easing will only increase your cost of living and decrease the value of the Euro.

Today is the time to buy Gold. Its the only way to protect your wealth and savings in this type of environment. Gold has stood the test of time and has proven time and time again that over time its the only asset that is on the side of the consumer.

You have the opportunity to protect yourself and protect those you introduce to BitGold. This opportunity is not only about making money but educating and helping those you can with the power of Gold.

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Today is your day to consider a five thousand year-old proven idea.

Payments & Savings using Gold Bullion.

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