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Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) v Traffic Monsoon

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Daniel J. Wadley (10358)
Amy J. Oliver (8785)
Alison J. Okinaka (7954)
Cheryl M. Mori (8887)
Attorneys for Plaintiff Securities and Exchange Commission
351 South West Temple, Suite 6.100
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101
Tel. 801-524-5796
Fax: 801-524-3558



Liability Company, and CHARLES DAVID
SCOVILLE, an individual,

Case No.: 2:16-cv-00832-DB
Judge Dee Benson

Plaintiff, Securities and Exchange Commission (the “Commission”), for its Complaint
against Defendants Traffic Monsoon, LLC and Charles David Scoville (collectively,
“Defendants”) alleges as follows:


1. This matter involves an ongoing Ponzi scheme and offering fraud operated by
Charles David Scoville (“Scoville”) and Traffic Monsoon, LLC (“Traffic Monsoon”),
Case headquartered in Murray, Utah. Scoville formed Traffic Monsoon in October 2014.

2. Since inception, defendants have taken in from investors approximately $207
million in sales of a product called the “Banner AdPack” (“AdPack”). Over 162,000 investors
throughout the world have invested in AdPacks. As of the beginning of 2016, Traffic Monsoon
was taking in approximately $25 million in cash each month.

3. Defendants solicit investors through Traffic Monsoon’s website and through
YouTube videos featuring Charles Scoville. The website states that Traffic Monsoon’s mission is “to
provide high quality ad services for affordable prices, and share revenues for a perfect winning
combination that will lead to the ultimate success of our customers.”

4. Defendants market Traffic Monsoon as a successful Internet advertising services
company. They represent that it is a combination of an Internet traffic exchange, where users
browse each others’ websites, and a pay-per-click program, where users are paid to click on
others’ website banner ads. Defendants represent that its profit is derived from seven different
highly desirable advertising products.

5. In reality, Traffic Monsoon’s advertising business is a illusion designed to
obscure the fact that it is offering and selling a security in a pure Ponzi scheme. Over 99% of
Traffic Monsoon’s revenue comes from the sale of AdPacks. The company has virtually no
other revenue from any other source. All payments to investors are made out of these funds.

6. On an ongoing basis, Traffic Monsoon and Charles Scoville are violating the antifraud
provisions of the federal securities laws, Sections 17(a)(1) and (3) of the Securities Act of 1933
(“Securities Act”) and Section 10(b) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (“Exchange Act”),
and Rules 10b-5(a) and (c) thereunder; and the registration provisions of Sections 5(a) and 5(c)
of the Securities Act.

7. In order to halt the ongoing fraud being perpetrated on investors, the Commission
seeks a civil injunctive order against Traffic Monsoon and Charles Scoville against further violations of
the federal securities laws, as well as disgorgement, prejudgment interest and civil penalties from
Traffic Monsoon and Charles Scoville. The Commission also seeks emergency relief in the form of an
ex parte temporary restraining order, a preliminary injunction, an ex parte asset freeze and order
appointing a receiver over Traffic Monsoon and its customer funds, and the funds of Scoville,
and an order prohibiting the destruction of documents, accelerating discovery, and requiring an


8. This Court has subject matter jurisdiction by authority of Sections 20 and 22 of
the Securities Act [15 U.S.C. §§ 77t and 77v] and Sections 21 and Section 27 of the Exchange
Act [15 U.S.C. §§ 78u and 78aa].

9. Defendants, directly and indirectly, singly and in concert, have made use of the
means and instrumentalities of interstate commerce and the mails in connection with the
transactions, acts and courses of business alleged herein, certain of which have occurred within
the District of Utah.

10. Venue for this action is proper in the District of Utah under Section 22(a) of the
Securities Act [15 U.S.C. § 77v(a)] and under Section 27 of the Exchange Act [15 U.S.C. §78aa]
because certain of the transactions, acts, practices, and courses of business alleged in this
Complaint took place in this district and because the Defendants reside in and transact business
in this district.

11. Defendants, unless restrained and enjoined by this Court, will continue to engage
in the transactions, acts, practices, and courses of business alleged herein and in transactions,
acts, practices, and courses of business of similar purport and object.
12. Defendants’ conduct took place in connection with the offer, purchase and/or sale
of AdPacks.


13. Traffic Monsoon, LLC, is a Utah limited liability company formed in October
2014. Traffic Monsoon’s principal place of business is in Murray, Utah.

14. Charles David Scoville, 36, is a resident of Murray, Utah. Charles Scoville is the only
member and controlling person of Traffic Monsoon. He controls and oversees all of its business


The AdPack Product

15. Traffic Monsoon offers and sells seven different Internet advertising products.
Only one of these products, the AdPack, entitles the member to share in the company’s profits.

16. Traffic Monsoon has two kinds of members, “free” and “paying.” A “free”
member is someone who participates in the traffic exchange without buying any services, merely
clicking on ads which Traffic Monsoon calls “cash links.” A “paying” member is someone who
has purchased any product, including the AdPack, from the Traffic Monsoon website.

17. AdPacks cost $50 each. For this price, the investor receives 20 clicks to his
banner ad, 1,000 visitors to his website from the traffic exchange, and the ability to share in
Traffic Monsoon’s profit.

18. If the 20 clicks and 1,000 traffic exchange credits were purchased separately from
Traffic Monsoon, they would cost $10.95. The investor is paying just under $40 for the
remaining component of the AdPack, the profit sharing opportunity.

19. Of the $50 paid for each AdPack, Scoville distributes10% as a commission to the
person who introduced the investor; 4.5% for payment of Traffic Monsoon expenses; 1.5% to the
company’s programmer; 79% to the company reserve fund; and 5% to a fund for sharing profit
with AdPack purchasers.

20. Charles Scoville uses the reserve fund, which initially was maintained at PayPal Holdings
Inc. (“PayPal”), to supplement investors’ profit sharing. His system automatically adds reserve
funds to the profit sharing every hour. The reserve fund is used in this way to “smooth out” the
profit sharing payments.

21. Investors are not informed that the reserve fund is used to supplement the sharing
of Traffic Monsoon profit.

22. Charles Scoville has programmed the Traffic Monsoon system to share profits with
qualified accounts based on sales that took place 24 hours earlier. In YouTube videos he has
created for Traffic Monsoon, Scoville uses the analogy of a bucket, which fills gradually with
small drops of profit until the contents reach the “fill line” of $55.

In order to buy AdPacks, the member must have a banner ad. If the member does not have a
banner ad, Traffic Monsoon will supply a Traffic Monsoon banner ad to him. Many members
simply use these company banners.

23. Once the AdPack earns $55 it cannot earn additional profit. The investor may
then withdraw his funds or, if he wishes to continue to participate in profit sharing, he may buy a
new AdPack.

24. The Traffic Monsoon website claims that there is no set timeframe for the
investor’s account to reach $55, or any assurance that it will ever in fact reach $55.

25. Traffic Monsoon treats the investor’s $50 payment for an AdPack (except for the
10% referral commission portion) as revenue to the company at the time it is paid.

26. Traffic Monsoon’s website discloses that the $50 payment for an AdPack is all
deemed revenue to the company at the time it is paid. The website provides no assurance that
the investor’s “bucket” will ever reach the $55 “fill line.”

27. Nevertheless, historically, investor accounts receive a return of about $1 a day,
meaning that investors receive their $50 back, plus a $5 return, after about two months. This
equates to a return of 10% over approximately two months.

28. If investors continue to roll their returns over to purchase a new AdPack every
two months, they will receive an annual return on investment of approximately 60% a year.

29. Charles Scoville established this 10% rate of return and controls how quickly investors
accounts accumulate returns, in part by adding to the profit sharing from the reserve fund.

30. In order to share in company profit, AdPack investors must “qualify.” To qualify,
they must click on 50 banner ads in the traffic exchange in any given 24-hour period.

31. Traffic Monsoon makes it very easy for investors to complete their 50 clicks.
When they log into their dashboard they see (1) a banner ad to click on; and (2) the hours and
minutes remaining in the 24-hour period. The investor is required to view each banner ad for
only 5 seconds, and a counter appears that counts down the 5 seconds for him. At the end of that
time the investor must click on an image that appears, to verify that he is a human, and then the
next banner ad appears automatically. The act of completing the 50 clicks takes the investor 4.1
minutes per day.

32. Regardless of how many AdPacks an investor owns, he is only required to click
on 50 banner ads for 5 seconds each in a 24-hour period to remain qualified to share in profits.
Traffic Monsoon Revenue

33. Traffic Monsoon and Charles Scoville represent to investors that the company generates
profit from all the advertising services it sells. Scoville went further in posting a statement on his
website www.charlesscoville.com to the effect that the AdPack was a lower volume product than
the other Traffic Monsoon products:
We sell 1 service LOWER in demand which includes a profit sharing position,
and share profits from the services with HIGHER demand with those who click a
minimum of 10 ads per day.

34. Scoville does not disclose to investors that Traffic Monsoon’s revenue comes
almost exclusively from the sale of the AdPack product. Instead, Defendants imply that the
majority of the revenue comes from the sale of Traffic Monsoon’s many advertising products.

35. Traffic Monsoon’s revenue sources since October 2014, when it was formed, are
as follows:

Traffic Monsoon SEC

36. Since inception, more than 99% of the money Traffic Monsoon has distributed to
investors came from investors purchasing new AdPacks. Only approximately 0.4% of the
money it has distributed to investors came from all of its other advertising products, combined.

37. Of its revenue since inception, Traffic Monsoon has shared approximately $618
million with AdPack purchasers. Almost all the company’s revenue, however, comes from the
sales of AdPacks, with only approximately $3 million coming from other sources.

38. There is no way any returns could be paid to investors without the sale of new
AdPacks. This fact is not, however, disclosed to Traffic Monsoon investors.

39. Traffic Monsoon’s website falsely implies that revenues come from all of its
advertising products, rather than almost exclusively from AdPacks:
It’s from the sale of all our services that we share revenues.
When our members purchase a service from TrafficMonsoon, the revenues from
that purchase are held by the company. Then, you can qualify to receive share of
the profits! Naturally there is a cost associated with providing services. Each
service provided generates a profit margin. We share those profits with you!

40. Scoville also omits to disclose to investors that the shared profit is periodically
supplemented by payments from the reserve fund at Scoville’s discretion and is, therefore, not
truly revenue sharing.

41. Traffic Monsoon cannot in fact deliver the numbers of visitors it has promised to
AdPack purchasers.

42. AdPack purchasers are supposed to receive 20 clicks to their banner ads, and
1,000 credits in the traffic exchange.3
These traffic exchange credits come from the 50 clicks a
day required of each member who owns one or more AdPacks.

43. As of May 16, 2016, Traffic Monsoon had sold 15,225,689 AdPacks. For each
such AdPack, however, it must deliver 1,000 visitors, amounting to 15 billion visitors total. As
of July 24, 2016, however, the Traffic Monsoon website states that the company had “delivered

1,618,996,340 visitors to our member’s [sic] websites to date.” This is only about a tenth of
what would be required by Scoville’s own program.

Payment Processors and Accounts Used by Traffic Monsoon and Scoville

44. Up until February 2016, when PayPal froze the Traffic Monsoon account,
Scoville used PayPal almost exclusively to process payments both into and out of Traffic
Monsoon. Almost all member funds were kept in PayPal, and each member had a PayPal
subaccount and possessed the ability to log in and view his account balance. The company’s
funds were kept in PayPal as well.

45. Since inception, $134 million in investor cash went into PayPal, and
approximately $61 million was paid out to Traffic Monsoon investors prior to the PayPal freeze
of Traffic Monsoons’s accounts.

46. In early January 2016, PayPal contacted Scoville and notified him that it was
considering limiting his account. PayPal’s compliance department had noted that Traffic
Monsoon’s account had some earmarks of a Ponzi scheme, such as very rapid growth and almost
no chargebacks or refund requests.

A credit in the traffic exchange entitles the member to a visit to his website.

47. On January 11, 2016, PayPal notified Scoville that it was blocking any transfers
of funds out of PayPal, while still allowing member funds to be deposited. On February 11,
2016, PayPal notified Scoville that it was freezing the Traffic Monsoon account completely for a
period of 180 days.

48. On January 12, 2016, Charles Scoville created and posted a YouTube video for current
and prospective investors. In the video he explained that for the sake of convenience he was
planning to transition away from PayPal to eventually open a “Traffic Monsoon bank.” He did
not disclose the PayPal freeze.

49. Charles Scoville did not disclose the PayPal freeze to investors until February 11, 2016,
when he posted a news release on the Traffic Monsoon website and also posted another video on
YouTube. During the intervening month, because PayPal was allowing investor funds in but not
allowing them to be withdrawn, members who bought advertising services and transferred funds
to Traffic Monsoon had no idea their funds would be frozen. Scoville, however, was aware of
this fact.

50. As of February 11, 2016, approximately $60 million was frozen in Traffic
Monsoon’s PayPal accounts.

51. After the PayPal freeze, Charles Scoville began using other payment processors more
extensively: Solid Trust Pay, headquartered in Ontario, and Payza, headquartered in London with
offices in New York. He has also used an account at JPMorgan Chase to receive investor funds.
52. Since the freeze, PayPal has allowed Traffic Monsoon members to reverse
AdPack purchases, refunding to them only their cash in and not any purported gains. As a result
of the claims paid, the Traffic Monsoon account at PayPal had $46,515,787 in the account as of
July 11, 2016.

53. The PayPal freeze expired on July 11, 2016. Immediately after the expiration of
the freeze, Scoville began withdrawing funds from PayPal.
54. PayPal withdrawals are limited to $100,000 per request. Since July 11, 2016,
Charles Scoville has made 256 withdrawal requests and withdrawn over $25 million. Scoville did
attempt to withdraw an additional $10 million on July 21, 2016, but PayPal reversed those

55. As of July 21, 2016, the TM account at PayPal had a balance of $23,316,843.

56. Charles Scoville has wired the funds withdrawn from PayPal to the Traffic Monsoon
account at JPMorgan Chase in Park City, Utah. From there, he has transferred at least $21
million to his personal JPMorgan Chase account.

57. Charels Scoville has never disclosed to investors, whether on the Traffic Monsoon website
or on YouTube, that the PayPal freeze has expired, and has never informed members that they
can request that their AdPack purchases be reversed. Since the freeze was lifted he has been
withdrawing funds, apparently for his own benefit, as quickly as possible.

58. Scoville locates investors primarily through Traffic Monsoon’s website, his
personal website and YouTube videos. He also finds new investors by attending international
seminars. Finally, Scoville offers a referral program in which sponsors can earn a commission
on the purchases of new investors.

59. Traffic Monsoon investors are participating in its program not because they are
interested in its advertising services, but because they are interested in the profit sharing

60. Most investors own multiple AdPacks.

61. Traffic Monsoon reports that it has sold approximately 14 million AdPacks to
about 162,000 investors. This equates to an average of 86.4 AdPacks per investor. Many
investors, however, own tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of AdPacks. Hundreds of investors
have deposited more than $100,000 each into the Traffic Monsoon account at PayPal.

62. In the last three months of 2015, Traffic Monsoon took in increasing amounts of
new cash, reaching approximately $1 million each day by the end of the year.
63. After the PayPal freeze, Scoville began using the JPMorgan Chase account more
extensively for investor deposits. From March through June 2016, the information from this
account shows that the largest single investment was $200,000, which would represent 4,000
AdPacks. Average funds per investor were as follows:

Month in 2016 Average invested by:
March $ 8,125 122 investors
April 9,220 122 investors
May 6,664 137 investors
June 5,500 175 investors

64. Most investors have been allowing their funds to accumulate in their Traffic
Monsoon accounts and are using these account balances to purchase additional AdPacks.
65. The majority of the traffic to Traffic Monsoon member sites now comes from
inside Traffic Monsoon, meaning that members are simply clicking on other members’ ads.

66. Approximately 90%, or 145,000, of Traffic Monsoon investors reside outside the
U.S. The program appears to be most popular in countries that are also some of the poorest in
the world.4 For example, the Traffic Monsoon website is the 385th most visited website in
Bangladesh, 366th in Venezuela, and 517th most visited site in Morocco.
Traffic Monsoon is a Ponzi Scheme

67. Scoville offers six Internet advertising products besides the AdPack, to create the
appearance that Traffic Monsoon is a legitimate and profitable business. However, only
approximately 0.4% of its revenue comes from these other advertising products, combined.
68. More than 99% of Traffic Monsoon’s revenue comes from the sale of AdPacks.
Traffic Monsoon could not pay returns to investors without the sale of new AdPacks. Traffic
Monsoon is a classic Ponzi scheme in which investors are paid from money contributed from
new investors, and there is little real business activity.

69. The $50 price of the AdPack has nothing to do with the price of the advertising
services it includes.

70. There is no rationale for the $55 profit sharing ceiling, other than that it represents
a 10% return on the AdPack purchase amount.


71. Scoville has always been the sole owner and controlling member of Traffic
Monsoon. He is the architect of the Traffic Monsoon program.

Some of these may be “free” rather than “paying” members.

72. Charles Scoville is aware that the AdPacks could be considered an investment. In Traffic
Monsoon’s website and his YouTube videos, he goes out of his way to argue that the program
does not involve a security or an investment.

73. In order to participate, Traffic Monsoon investors must agree to the company’s
Terms of Service, which include the following: “[y]ou agree to recognize TrafficMonsoon as a
true advertising company which shares its revenues, and not as any form of investment of any

74. On his website and in his videos, Scoville deliberately avoids calling the $55
payout a “return,” and emphasizes that there is no assurance that it will be paid. However, the
$55 payout has always been paid to investors.

75. The scienter of Scoville can be imputed to Traffic Monsoon because he is its only
member and controlling person.

The AdPacks Are Securities Being Sold in Unregistered Transactions

76. The purchase of AdPacks involves the investment of money, in the form of the
$50 purchase price.

77. Investor funds are aggregated together in PayPal, at other payment processors,
and at JPMorgan Chase. Investors can see their status by logging into their subaccounts. A
portion of investor funds also went to the Traffic Monsoon reserve fund, which was also
maintained at PayPal. Payments are made out of the reserve fund to supplement profit sharing
payments back to investors.

78. Payment of the investors’ returns is almost entirely dependent on Scoville’s
ability to sell AdPacks. The financial success or failure of the investors are inextricably tied to
the efforts of Scoville and Traffic Monsoon.

79. Investors have no role in managing Traffic Monsoon and rely on Traffic Monsoon
to operate the traffic exchange, collect revenue, supplement the revenue from its reserve fund,
and distribute it to members. Traffic Monsoon also sets up the banner ad rotator and tracks
clicks by members seeking to qualify to share in profits.

80. The only actions that investors are required to take to participate in profit sharing
is to click 50 ads each day for 5 seconds each. Whether an investor owns a single AdPack or
several thousand, he is still only required to click 50 ads each day. The system automatically
populates the investor’s dashboard with the required 50 ads and counts down the 5-second time

81. Traffic Monsoon has raised millions of dollars in an unregistered continuous
offering from tens of thousands of investors worldwide, from October 2014 through the present.

82. The AdPacks have been offered and sold through Traffic Monsoon’s website.
They have also been offered and sold by means of Scoville’s YouTube videos. Both these media
are open and publicly available to any user.

83. The AdPacks were offered and sold to persons who are not accredited within the
meaning of the federal securities laws. Traffic Monson made no effort to determine whether
these offerees were accredited.


Violation of Section 17(a)(1) of the Securities Act [15 U.S.C. § 77q(a)(1)]

84. The Commission realleges and incorporates by reference the allegations contained
in Paragraphs 1 through 83, above.

85. Defendants Traffic Monsoon and Scoville, by engaging in the conduct described
above, directly or indirectly, in the offer or sale of securities, by the use of the means or instruments
of transportation or communication in interstate commerce or by use of the mails, with scienter,
employed devices, schemes, or artifices to defraud.

86. By reason of the foregoing, Defendants, directly or indirectly violated, and unless
enjoined will continue to violate, Sections 17(a)(1) of the Securities Act [15 U.S.C. § 77q(a)(1)].

Violation of Section 17(a)(3) of the Securities Act [15 U.S.C. § 77q(a)(3)]

87. The Commission realleges and incorporates by reference the allegations contained
in Paragraphs 1 through 83, above.

88. Defendants Traffic Monsoon and Scoville, by engaging in the conduct described
above, directly and indirectly, in the offer and sale of securities, by the use of the means or
instruments of transportation or communication in interstate commerce or by use of the mails,
engaged in transactions, practices, or courses of business which operate or would operate as a
fraud or deceit upon the purchaser.

89. By reason of the foregoing, Defendants, directly or indirectly, violated, and unless
restrained and enjoined by this Court, will continue to violate, Section 17(a) (3) of the Securities
Act [15 U.S.C. § 77q(a)(3)].

Violation of Section 10(b) of the Securities Act [15 U.S.C. § 78j(b)] and Rule 10b-5(a) and
(c) thereunder [17 U.F.R. § 240.10b-5(a) and (c)]

90. The Commission realleges and incorporates by reference the allegations contained
in Paragraphs 1 through 83, above.

91. Defendants Traffic Monsoon and Scoville, by engaging in the conduct described
above, directly or indirectly, by the use of means or instrumentalities of interstate commerce or
use of the mails, in connection with the purchase or sale of securities, with scienter, employed
devices, schemes, or artifices to defraud, or engaged in acts, practices, or courses of business that
operated or would operate as a fraud and deceit upon other persons.

92. By reason of the foregoing, Defendants, violated, and unless restrained and
enjoined will continue to violate Section 10(b) of the Exchange Act [15 U.S.C. §78j(b)] and Rule
10b-5(a) and (c) thereunder [17 C.F.R. § 240.10b-5(a) and (c)].

Violation of Sections 5(a) and (c) of the Securities Act [15 U.S.C. § 77e(a) and (c)]

93. The Commission realleges and incorporates by reference the allegations contained
in Paragraphs 1 through 83, above.

94. Defendants Traffic Monsoon and Scoville, by engaging in the conduct described
above, directly or indirectly, through use of the means or instruments of transportation or
communication in interstate commerce or the mails, offered to sell or sold securities or, directly
or indirectly, or carried such securities through the mails or in interstate commerce, for the
purpose of sale or delivery after sale.

95. No registration statement has been filed with the Commission or has been in
effect with respect to these securities.

96. By reason of the foregoing, Defendants, directly or indirectly violated, and unless
enjoined will continue to violate Sections 5(a) and (c) of the Securities Act [15 U.S.C. § 77e(a)
and (c)].

WHEREFORE, the Commission respectfully requests that this Court:

Issue findings of fact and conclusions of law that Defendants committed the violations
charged herein.

Issue in a form consistent with Rule 65(d) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure orders
that temporarily, preliminarily and permanently enjoin Traffic Monsoon and Scoville and their
officers, agents, servants, employees, attorneys, and accountants, and those persons in active
concert or participation with any of them, who receive actual notice of the order by personal
service or otherwise, and each of them, from engaging in transactions, acts, practices, and
courses of business described herein, and from engaging in conduct of similar purport and object
in violation of Sections 17(a)(1) and (3) and Sections 5(a) and (c) of the Securities Act, Section
10(b) of the Exchange Act and Rule 10b-5(a) and (c) thereunder.

Issue, in a form consistent with Rule 65(d) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure,
orders that temporarily, preliminarily and permanently enjoin Defendants, and their officers,
agents, servants, employees, attorneys, and accountants, and those persons in active concert or
participation with any of them, who receive actual notice of the order by personal service or
otherwise, and each of them, from: (A) transferring, changing, wasting, dissipating, converting,
concealing, or otherwise disposing of, in any manner, any funds, assets, claims, or other property
or assets owned or controlled by, or in the possession or custody of these Defendants; and (B)
transferring, assigning, selling, hypothecating, or otherwise disposing of any assets of Traffic
Monsoon or related entities, including but not limited to those entities identified in
accompanying pleadings.

Issue in a form consistent with Rule 65(d) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure orders
that temporarily, preliminarily and permanently restrain and enjoin Defendants, and each of
them, and their officers, agents, servants, employees, attorneys, and accountants, and those
persons in active concert or participation with any of them, who receive actual notice of the order
by personal service or otherwise, and each of them, from destroying, mutilating, concealing,
transferring, altering, or otherwise disposing of, in any manner, books, records, computer
programs, computer files, computer printouts, correspondence, including e-mail, whether stored
electronically or in hard copy, memoranda, brochures, or any other documents of any kind that
pertain in any manner to the business of Defendants.

Enter an order directing Defendants to pay civil money penalties pursuant to Section
20(d) of the Securities Act and Section 21(d)(3) of the Exchange Act.

Enter an order directing Defendants to disgorge all ill-gotten gains received during the
period of violative conduct and pay prejudgment interest on such ill-gotten gains.

Grant such further equitable relief as this Court deems just, appropriate, and necessary,
including, but not limited to, a freeze of assets, appointment of a receiver for Traffic Monsoon
and the acceleration of discovery, including the forthwith production of documents..

Retain jurisdiction of this action in accordance with the principles of equity and the
Federal Rules of Civil Procedure in order to implement and carry out the terms of all orders and
decrees that may be entered, or to entertain any suitable application or motion for additional
relief within the jurisdiction of this Court.

Dated July 26, 2016.

Respectfully submitted,

/s/ Daniel J. Wadley
Daniel Wadley
Amy J. Oliver
Alison J. Okinaka
Cheryl M. Mori
Attorneys for Plaintiff
Securities and Exchange Commission
351 S. West Temple, Suite 6.100
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101
Tel: 801-524-5796
Fax: 801-524-5262

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As you may have already heard this morning the European Union has now entered into a negative interest rate environment with a -0.4% negative rate on your Euros. This is effective on March 16, 2016. The European Banks will need to pass this cost on to their customers and account holders and thats you. More importantly, the European Union is expanding their money printing to 86 Billion Euro a month or 1 Trillion Euros a year.

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How to Earn Money on Traffic Monsoon As a PTC(Paid to Click) Member

If you’re familiar with earning money on Paid to Click sites, then it’ll be very easy for you to earn money on Traffic Monsoon.

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Read This Article To Learn About The Stock Market

If you’ve dreamed of becoming a trader, but have no idea where to start, you are not alone. Many people are afraid to pursue stock market investments, merely due to lack of knowledge. Fortunately, the article below has some great tips to help you learn more about the start market and how to start investing.

Before you spend money on an investment broker, you need to do exhaustive research to ensure they’re trustworthy and reliable. It’s not that you would find an outright crook, although that is a distinct possibility. But what you’re really looking for is the highest possible level of competence.

If you have some spare money to invest consider putting it into your employer-based pension plan. Many companies will match a percentage up to 100% of the contributions made by its employees, and this is basically the opportunity to receive free money. If you don’t take advantage of this, it is tantamount to wasting quite a substantial opportunity.

Companies with wildly popular goods or services that seemed to gain visibility overnight should normally be avoided. Instead, wait to see if the business does well in the long term, or it could easily lose its value as quickly as it found it. You might want to stick to reliable products instead of fads when choosing stocks.

Many people who invest in stocks make the mistake of relying too strongly on past performance when deciding which stocks to purchase. While prior performance is a very good indicator of how a stock will perform in the future. You should make certain to investigate what the future plans of the company are. It is important to consider how they plan to increase revenue and profits, along with what they plan to do to overcome the challenges that they currently face.

Make sure that your investments regularly have the opportunity to grow by setting up an automatic payment from your daily account to your investment account. Set up an automatic transfer to occur on payday so that you are effectively paying yourself like any other bill. And then watch your investments monies grow.

Always look over your portfolio and investing goals every couple of months. This is because the economy is changing all the time. You may find that one sector has begun to outperform the others, while another company could become obsolete. It may be wise to invest in some financial instruments than others, depending on the time period. It is therefore important to keep track of your portfolio, and make adjustments as needed.

Don’t overly invest in the company that employs you. There are certain additional risks you take on by holding stock in your own company, even if it feels like a vote of confidence on your part. For instance, if the company’s profit start to decline, both your monthly paycheck and the value of your investment portfolio could decrease significantly. Having said that, if the shares are discounted for employees, there might be a bargain there.

Do not wait for a price drop. If you are interested in purchasing a stock, resist the urge to hold out on purchasing until it drops in price. If you are right about that stock being a good investment, a dip may not come – potentially costing you a lot more in profit.

Penny Shares

When trading penny shares, it is vital that you determine the correct amount of shares to invest in. Keep a close eye on the transaction fees for purchasing and selling these shares. If you are just diving in and out with tiny trades, then your profits will be diminished very rapidly.

Make sure you are doing a lot of research in the businesses that offer penny shares. You should only invest in those businesses that possess solid leadership, as well as good potential to grow quicker than other businesses that exist in the market. After all, this is the whole point of investing.

Now that you realize what you need to do to get started with stock market investing, you can use the tips in the article above in your quest to become a competent trader. You can be on your way to realizing your dream, as well as, realizing healthy capital gains.

Viral Angels is a great place to start for the Small Scale Investor – Last 12 months returns have shown 300%+ – http://www.ViralAngelsTeam.com


What is your Motivation ?

If you want to make money online, build a home-based business, and ultimately, experience real financial freedom, then there’s one thing that you need above all else.


More specifically, you need clearly defined goals that you desperately want to achieve, and even more importantly, a strict deadline to achieve them by.

Only by setting specific goals and deadlines will you have the motivation you need to not only get started, but to generate a real online income, and then build your business to the point where it becomes a 4, 5 or even 6 figure a month cash machine.

And what’s more, this deadline must be challenging too, because if you give yourself too much time to achieve your goal, you’ll never have the focus or the drive to actually get it done!

Instead, you’ll just plod along aimlessly, safe in the knowledge that you’ve got plenty of time to achieve it.

So take a few moments to think about what you want to achieve from your online business…

What is your motivation?

What is it that you really want, that you currently can’t afford?

Do you want a brand new sports car, or a holiday home abroad?

Maybe you want a new house in the countryside, with acres of land for you and your children to enjoy, and a basement big enough for your very own cinema room?!

Whatever it is, you need to be really passionate about achieving it. You need to really want it, and it should be something that you can’t have right now because of the cost.

This will be your first goal.

And once you’ve thought of something, be sure to set yourself a challenging (but realistic) deadline to achieve it by.

When you’ve settled on a goal, write it down on a piece of paper or a post-it note and stick it up on your wall, right in front of your desk, so you see it EVERY DAY.

Whatever you write down, this is what you’re going to be working towards. This is what’s going to drive you towards success, and ensure that you don’t lose your motivation, and tamely give up.

Never let yourself forget about this goal.

This is what successful business people do all the time.

And they do it because they’ve discovered that this is the very best way to keep them motivated, focused and driven – so that they can ultimately turn their dreams into reality.


Has your Savings Account Made You Rich Yet?

Has your savings account made you rich yet?

Yes, that’s a rhetorical question!


You know, I’ve spoken to so many people around the world in the last 8 years, through seminars, through webinars, through blog posts, through podcasts and over glasses of Champagne, that I know one thing to be true…

No one has the same story… Your dreams, your mission is totally separate to the dreams and desires of someone else…

And your money is going to be utilized for so many different things to create the life you want…

But, what’s unanimous is that wealth grows in the same way for everyone…

…and it’s NOT through a savings account…

Wealth doesn’t judge, doesn’t discriminate, wealth grows in the back yard of the people willing to water it…

Means that there’s no “secrets” to wealth, it’s just a strategic formula

Which is sort of relieving don’t you think, it just means if you follow the rules, get to know the patterns and just implement them, you’ll make money…

For example, the world is walking towards a repeating cycle of a new form of money as the current currency is too inflated, the debt is too much and the value is almost nothing…

This cycle’s been repeating for hundreds of years and we’re at the end of the current one… every one lasts for 40 years approx…

So those that read that pattern and invest using methods to hedge against that pattern, will win… Simple…

See I think the next 2 years, in this grand long term cycle, is going to be particularly exciting…

Main reason? We’ve just finished a 2 year consolidation period in Gold and all the signs, numbers and market decisions are positioning the price of Gold for an upswing in the coming 2 years…

You see it doesn’t matter whether your goal is to fly around the world first class, taking time to reconnect with friends, play golf, start a world impacting venture or just make sure your children’s future is shaping up right…

Anything that is what we call a “successful life”, has a strong financial foundation…

You don’t need to be making millions per year, although you can, you don’t need to striving for a Billion dollars, even though Billionaires use the exact strategies I’m going to talk to you about tomorrow…

But the common thread is that you need to learn, to take the money you have, and grow it, safely, consistently and strategically…

And if you want time freedom and geographic freedom to be part of your life experience, there is no simpler way to do it than with…

Simple lifestyle investments…

Which as “fancy” as it sounds, is simply a strategic way of using a proven, time tested, investment alongside the tools available today, to make the process simple and easy for yourself…

I’m sure you’re aware, our clients spend less than 20 minutes a month actually managing their investment…

Let me show show you how to use Gold  to not only make lots of money, not only increase your wealth significantly in the next 2 years…

But to create the freedom you want… time & geographic…


Oh and don’t forget my promise

An Economy Class Retirement is an unfortunate inevitability for most people…

Even people that think they have a “lot” of money in the bank today…

Lets choose, and strategically make it so, that it doesn’t have to be your inevitability too..

Because remember, $1,000,000 in the bank might sound great, but over a 20 year retirement, without a cash-flow generation plan, without a strategic growth plan, is just $50,000 a year…

One reason why I started really focusing on creating strategic wealth was that I LOVE traveling, if you’ve been following me you’ll know that, this year so far alone I’ve been to 8 countries…

To demonstrate exactly how scary that idea of a 20 year, $50,000 a year retirement, as a result of having a million dollars in the bank, to show you just how scary that is to me personally and why I’m so focused on creating wealth strategically…

My bill for travel alone in 2013 was $48,534.87…

And I don’t want to stop traveling, ever…

When I sat and worked that out a few years ago, I decided that gambling with my wealth was no longer an option…

Which led me to learning about how to structure my portfolio, discover & apply the Wealth Triangle Philosophy to booming asset cycles, read the signs Billionaires leave and more importantly ACT in a way that my wealth was secure in the long term and continues giving me a life I LOVE… 

The RISK that comes from the allure of a super “outperforming” investment portfolio promising 100% returns a year does NOT trump the life benefits that come with a strategic, safety focused investment plan…

Especially when the returns of a “strategic, safety focused investment plan” are 26.4% per year...

I mean just $1,000,000 TOTAL, can generate $264,000 a year for you…

So there’s 2 focuses you need:

1. Getting to at-least $1,000,000 in investable assets if you’re not there now…

2. Safely managing that investment to give you a life you love…

Which is why you need to take a look at this… 

Because everything I share with you, will assist you with both of those focuses…


A lot of people wonder why I still teach, and they’re right too, this isn’t a charity, it’s a business, yes we’re changing the world and people’s lives with our information, but at the end of the day, the earnings allow me to increase my investment portfolio and grow my own wealth using the exact same strategy I’m going to talk to you about tomorrow...



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10 Reasons Why People Don’t Buy From You….

1. You don’t make people feel safe when they order.
Remind people that they are ordering through a secure
server. Tell them you won’t sell their e-mail address
and all their information will be kept confidential.

2. You don’t make your ad copy attractive. Your ad
lists features instead of benefits. The headline does
not attract at your target audience. You don’t list any
testimonials or guarantees included in your ad.

3. You don’t remind people to come back and visit.
People usually don’t purchase the first time they visit.
The more times they visit your site, the greater the
chance they will buy. The most effective way is to give
them a free subscription to your e-zine.

4. You don’t let people know anything about your
business. They will feel more comfortable if they know
who they are buying from. Publish a section called
“About Us” on your web site. Include your business
history, profile of employees, contact information etc.

5. You don’t give people as many ordering options as
possible. Accept credit cards, checks, money orders,
and other forms of electronic payments. Take orders
by phone, e-mail, web site, fax, mail, etc.

6. You don’t make your web site look professional.
You want to have your own domain name. Your web
site should be easy to navigate through. The graphics
should be related to the theme of your web site.

7. You don’t let people read your ad before they get
your freebie. When you use free stuff to lure people
to your web site include it below your ad copy or on
another web page. If you list the freebie above your
ad they may never look to see what you’re selling.

8. You don’t attract the target audience that would
buy your product or service. A simple way to do
this is to survey your existing customers to see what
attracted them to buy. This information will help
you improve your target marketing and advertising.

9. You don’t test and improve your ad copy. There
are many people who write an ad copy and never
change it. You have to continually test and improve
your ad copy to get the highest possible response

10. You don’t give people any urgency to buy now.
Many people are interested in your product but they
put off buying it till later and eventually forget about
it. Entice them to buy now with a freebie or discount
and include a deadline date when the offer ends.

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Cryptocurrency – 7 Incredible Benefits

Over the last couple of years, the term cryptocurrency has been rapidly gaining ground and understanding of its use and value in the public eye. At first it seemed unfamiliar and somewhat scary like the credit card looked to users in its early days.

You might be more familiar with terms like Bitcoin, and Ether. These are all cryptocurrencies using the Blockchain Technology to keep this currency and technology safe.

Currently, there are many types of cryptocurrency. A simple google search of the popular trend shows you the start of the growth and where it is taking us.


Source: Blockgeeks

How will cryptocurrency help you?

Fraud: Individuals cryptocurrencies are digital and cannot be counterfeited or reversed arbitrarily by the sender, as with credit card charge-backs.

Immediate Settlement:Purchasing real property typically involves some third parties (Lawyers, Notary), delays, and payment of fees. In many ways, the bitcoin/cryptocurrency blockchain is like a “large property rights database,” says Gallippi. Bitcoin contracts can be designed and enforced to eliminate or add third party approvals, reference external facts, or be completed at a future date or time for a fraction of the expense and time required to complete traditional asset transfers.

Lower Fees: There aren’t usually transaction fees for cryptocurrency exchanges because the miners are compensated by the network (Side note: This is the case for now). Even though there’s no bitcoin/cryptocurrency transaction fee, many expect that most users will engage a third-party service, such as Coinbase, creating and maintaining their bitcoin wallets. These services act like Paypal does for cash or credit card users, providing the online exchange system for bitcoin, and as such, they’re likely to charge fees. It’s interesting to note that Paypal does not accept or transfer bitcoins.

Identity Theft: When you give your credit card to a merchant, you give him or her access to your full credit line, even if the transaction is for a small amount. Credit cards operate on a “pull” basis, where the store initiates the payment and pulls the designated amount from your account. Cryptocurrency uses a “push” mechanism that allows the cryptocurrency holder to send exactly what he or she wants to the merchant or recipient with no further information.

Access to Everyone: There are approximately 2.2 billion individuals with access to the Internet or mobile phones who don’t currently have access to traditional exchange, these people are primed for the Cryptocurrency market. Kenya’s M-PESA system, a mobile phone-based money transfer, and microfinancing service recently announced a bitcoin device, with one in three Kenyans now owning a bitcoin wallet. (Let me repeat that again. 1/3)

Decentralization: A global network of computers use blockchain technology to jointly manage the database that records Bitcoin transactions. That is, Bitcoin is managed by its network, and not any one central authority. Decentralization means the network operates on a user-to-user (or peer-to-peer) basis. The forms of mass collaboration this makes possible are just beginning to be investigated.

Recognition at universal level: Since cryptocurrency is not bound by the exchange rates, interest rates, transactions charges or other charges of any country; therefore it can be used at an international level without experiencing any problems. This, in turn, saves lots of time as well as money on the part of any business which is otherwise spent in transferring money from one country to the other. Cryptocurrency operates at the universal level and hence makes transactions quite easy.

There is no other electronic cash system in which your account isn’t owned by someone else.

Take PayPal, for example: if the company decides for some reason that your account has been misused, it has the power to freeze all of the assets held in the account, without consulting you.

It is then up to you to jump through whatever hoops are necessary to get it cleared, so that you can access your funds. With cryptocurrency, you own the private key and the corresponding public key that makes up your cryptocurrency address. No one can take that away from you (unless you lose it yourself, or host it with a web-based wallet service that loses it for you).

Overall, cryptocurrencies have a long way to go before they can replace credit cards and traditional currencies as a tool for global commerce.

Fact is, many people are still unaware of cryptocurrency aka Digital Currency. People need to be educated about it to be able to apply it to their lives. Businesses need to start accepting it They need to make it easier to sign up and get started.

The future appeal of cryptocurrencies lies in allowing you ultimate control over your money, with fast secure global transactions, and lower transaction fees when compared to all existing currencies.

When used properly and fully understood it would be the initiator of many emerging systems that will fundamentally change our global economic system.

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Russia’s been building its GOLD Reserves…

Excuse the additional note today, but I thought this chart perfectly illustrated a point I made earlier.

I’m just finishing the full piece I’ll be sharing with you tomorrow on the situation unfolding in Russia…

But remember this morning I pointed out “…the Central Bank of Russia has been aggressively buying gold with its dollar reserves”?

Well, take a look at this chart from the World Gold Council

As you can see, Russia has been steadily building her gold reserve over the past couple of years.

I actually first revealed this plan in my 2011 book Currency Wars, when I pointed out that Russia has openly admitted to wanting to replace the dollar – at least locally.

Building up its gold reserves makes that a lot more viable.

And, as you’ll see from the research I’ll share with you tomorrow, there are even more developments afoot that signal Russia could be about to shake up the currency wars in a big way.

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SEC v Traffic Monsoon ( Traffic Monsoon Court Documents and Exhibits)

Its in my interest to get out to my team the following information on Traffic Monsoon so you can make a decision on the best way forward…

Are you tired of hearing stories about Traffic Monsoon and unsure what to believe?

Do you wish you could make up your own mind about Traffic Monsoon by looking at the evidence yourself?

Did you think that Paypal was going to release the frozen assets in August?

Did you know that Traffic Monsoon has been investigated for months and Charles never revealed this?

We have all the factual evidence you need to make up your own mind….

There are over 200 pages to read through as you make up your mind about Traffic Monsoon.

Find out about the below…

All Traffic Monsoon Assets have been frozen
All Traffic Monsoon payment processors have been frozen, including STP, Payza, Paypal, Allied Wallet, bank accounts
Withdrawals are no longer available from Traffic Monsoon as all assets are frozen
A receiver is currently in control of everything to do with Traffic Monsoon
Traffic Monsoon, represented himself in court without an attorney

Next court hearing scheduled 23rd September 2016…

Charles Scoville questioned about 7 other failed sites which were similar

And so much more….

Download the Traffic Monsoon Court Documents and Exhibits in each of the separate links below…


cover sheet

exhibit a

exhibit b

injunction order


Official Reciever

restraining order

retraining given

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