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Artist releases more books for sale online

Artist releases more books for sale online
“How to Make Money Drawing Easy Cartoons” contains Castillo's drawings and diagrams designed to teach readers how to create cartoons they can sell. “That one is really just a basic way for people to draw cartoons and illustrate their own stories …
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Netflix, Hulu, and the New Definition of Reruns
Part of the sales shift comes from a desire to make money from shows sooner rather than wait for four full seasons to air. The earlier sales also help to finance the production of many shows, as with the rights for Under the Dome and Extant. Networks …
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5 Ways To Spot A Catfisher Who Will Only Ever Love Your Money
Regular viewers of MTV's series “Catfish” (in which online-only, deceptive relationships are pulled into the real world, albeit with cameras running) might think that the show just highlights the extreme cases of a common problem – people who tell lies …
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