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I wanted to wish you a Great Week ahead.
Because the truth is, the vast majority of us live for the weekends due to time consuming
J-O-B’s –  Just Over Broke
So enjoy yourself! 😉
I have a lot of respect for people who work full time because they are the people who make the
world go round.
Imagine if every single person on the planet joined by business?
It would be amazing, and everyone would have so much fun.
But where would we go to get our Starbucks?
Or our Food?
This is a crazy point to make, but what I am getting to is significant! Trust me.
You see…
A full time J-O-B is something which keeps the world spinning, people moving around in the hazy
fog that is the Work-Buy-Consume-Die society we live in.
That’s a lot of pressure for someone who flips burgers, or brews coffee’s. But that’s what is going
on here.
Not to mention the pressure of reality… Bills, Food, Rent, Mortgages etc.
I may be rambling on a bit here, so i’ll quickly summarize.
A  J-O-B  gives people the opportunity to serve the Leader’s of the world (CEO’s) in return for a wage
that maintains their current lifestyles.
Work with me in Maps, and you have the opportunity to help people get out of the bear traps laid down
by the CEO’s and have a genuine choice about how you want to spend your days…
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