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Since July, 1994, I discovered that Property was for me after purchasing my first property from my mother when sadly my gran died.

When I first started working with property, I never dreamed I could make the kind of money I‘m making today as back in 1994 I was still stuck in the rat race working for British Gas, office based.

I bought my second property in 1996, and then from 1999-2007 accumulated 38 properties.

At first, I just wanted a bit of extra cash and maybe put a little money aside for the future. By 2004 my property business was raking in thousands of Pounds every month. I was making more money in 3 months than I was in 12 months working for British Gas.

As you can imagine, it wasn‘t long before I decided to take property very seriously. Now, I have a marketing system in place offline and online that helps generate me enough Property Deals which enables me to live the Semi-Retired lifestyle I have had since 2007.

But while the money is great, the best thing about working with Property is the Freedom.

I‘m not just making more money than I ever thought I would earn—unlike my other high income friends and business associates, I’ve actually got the time to enjoy it.

That‘s a feeling money just can‘t buy

I now work from home and starting to earn as much money in my Online Business’s as my Property Business and now get to spend as much time as I want with my family and friends.

Life is too short and when you have the Mentors, right attitude and right wotk ethic, you can truly have an amazing life.

The Secret is LEVERAGE!

Leveraged Time
Leveraged Money

This is how the wealthy operate and if you want to become wealthy too, then you have to follow in the footsteps of Success.

Are you looking for a way to have a more Leveraged Wealth Lifestyle ?

Do you finally need some leadership that can take YOU and your business to the next level ?

Life doesn’t get any better than this.

Get onto my latest Updates and Home Business Recommendations below…

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Specialties:I am an Entrepreneur focused on helping others achieve their dreams and goals. I want to work with people that want to enhance their lifestyle. It just takes the willingness to work towards making those dreams come true by never giving up.

I share, guide, and help 1000s globally to LEARN more, SAVE more, IMPROVE Health, MARKET better, and EARN more through a portfolio of carefully researched and selected international Network Marketing businesses.

Call me anytime on +44 7966 871854

Adrian Hibbert

Property Professional & Internet Marketer

Home Business Ideas and Opportunities

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