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Russia’s been building its GOLD Reserves…

Excuse the additional note today, but I thought this chart perfectly illustrated a point I made earlier.

I’m just finishing the full piece I’ll be sharing with you tomorrow on the situation unfolding in Russia…

But remember this morning I pointed out “…the Central Bank of Russia has been aggressively buying gold with its dollar reserves”?

Well, take a look at this chart from the World Gold Council

As you can see, Russia has been steadily building her gold reserve over the past couple of years.

I actually first revealed this plan in my 2011 book Currency Wars, when I pointed out that Russia has openly admitted to wanting to replace the dollar – at least locally.

Building up its gold reserves makes that a lot more viable.

And, as you’ll see from the research I’ll share with you tomorrow, there are even more developments afoot that signal Russia could be about to shake up the currency wars in a big way.

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