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10 Foods That Unclog Arteries Naturally And Protect Against Heart Attack!

arteries1.*A v o c a d o s

You can use the avocado instead of mayo in your sandwich or burger. According some studies, consuming avocado on a daily base helps in improving the blood cholesterol(HDL-higher; LDL-lower). The higher blood cholesterol(HDL) helps in keeping the arteries clear of obstructions.

2. *A s p a r a g u s
Asparagus is the food that helps in clearing the arteries, for lowering the blood pressure and preventing the blood cloths that are the cause for cardiovascular illnesses. It is full of minerals and fiber and a lot of vitamins(C; E; B1; B2 and K).

3.*P o m e g r a n a t e
Pomegranate is an amazing fruit which is contained of phytochemicals, acting like antioxidants that are protecting the artery-lining of damaging. Its juice helps in producing nitric oxide that can keep the arteries open and the blood flowing.

4.*B r o c c o l i
Some people like it and some of them really hate it, but this veggie is full of Vitamin K which can help to keep calcium from artery-damaging. Broccoli can reduce the cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure.

5.*T u r m e r i c
Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory powerful spice that can help you to low the inflammation that is the cause of arteriosclerosis. Use turmeric in your daily diet because it can lower the chances of blood clot and can reduce the arterial-walls damage.

6.*P e r s i m m o n
Persimmons are full of fiber, which keep the arteries clear and regulates the blood pressure. They are also big source of polyphenols and antioxidants which helps in decreasing triglycerides and lower blood cholesterol(LDL).

7.*S p i r u l i n a
This is an algae, in color of blue-green, that can help in regulating the levels of lipid in the blood. It contains essential amino-acids that the body needs to maintain perfect health and that is because spirulina is full with protein. It helps in stabilizing the blood pressure and relaxing the walls of the arteries.

8.*C i n n a m o n
This is an amazing spice that helps in reducing the levels of cholesterol (clearing out plaque) and prevents from its rebuilding. The antioxidants that cinnamon contains can improve the cardiovascular health by protecting the blood from its oxidation. Use the cinnamon in a way that you like, such as, on the toast, the coffee or any other food that you like to spice, and get all the benefits it brings.

9.*C r a n b e r r i e s
This kind of fruit is great source of antioxidants whish are reducing the lower blood cholesterol(LDL) and raising the higher blood cholesterol levels. You can lower the risk of heart disease for about 40%, just with consuming pure juice of cranberries.

10. *G r e e n T e a
This kind of tea is full of catechins which prevents the cholesterol absorption during digestion. You should drink 1-2cups a day, every day that can help you in reducing the arterial blockage and in improving the levels of blood lipid. It also naturally increases the metabolism, supports the cardiovascular health and can help you to lose some weight.


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