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CryptoCurrency Scams…

Important Announcement!!!!
Lots of Scams out there within the #CryptoCurrency Niche….
Be careful when deciding which CryptoCurrency Coin you are going to take an interest in…
There are 1000’s of Coins already out there……..
Never put all your Money into just OneCoin…make sure you spread your risk in at least
3-4 Coins… as they say.. never put all your eggs in one basket…
I already have an interest in 3 Reputable Coins that are already trading on a Regulated Exchange….
Make sure that your Coins are on these exchanges as well….
Check below for the more popular Regulated Exchanges…
If you are NOT able to Trade your Coin for Real on the above exchanges then I would stay

well away…unless of course you want to get involved in a High Risk Program…

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