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OneCoin Ponzi Scheme

Those who own and teach OneCoin mislead the population into believing Bitcoin is inefficient.

onecoin ponzi schemeI looked at Bitcoin a few years ago…and
What put me off is ….I just don’t believe that bitcoin can even be taken as serious currency….why
There simply isn’t enough bitcoins to go around……when the algorythym/blockchain has finished…(eg: mined all the coins they can mine)
There will be 21,000,000 (21 million) bitcoins is existence…..not enough for a currency …(Their 50% thru mining that 21 million now)
yes enough for a collectors item like kruggerands…but not enough for a serious currency to threaten notes and coins
Also the processing power needed top mine bitcoins is horrendous…..row upon row of PC’s working overtime
They have whole factories dedicated to this in China…..the little guy simply cannot compete anymore……

The alternative
I believe ONECOIN is the alternative….why….. well 1st up…..there will be 2.1 BILLION coins in existence when the algorthym is finished…..easily enough for a currency………there have only been about 300 million coins mined so far…so lots to go at………also….the company mines for us and we get the coins……we do that by buying a token package
Do I ever think that Onecoin will match bitcoin for value…..tbh not sure…….however…I do believe it will become the premier cryptocurrency out there in the marketplace….Bitcoin never will because of its low numbers

Were also running 2nd to bitcoin on the cryptocurrency charts with a buy rate of 3

On a final note….I know if you went back and asked the Japanese guy (forget the name) who invented bitcoin…..what his biggest mistake was in inventing bitcoin was…..I bêt he would say his low estimations in the numbers when he developed the blockchain

OneCoin members are frankly either ignorant of the characteristics of Bitcoin or maliciously misleading to make their OneCoin Ponzi more profitable. They are frankly either ignorant of the characteristics of Bitcoin or maliciously misleading to make their OneCoin ponzi more profitable.

Fiat currencies are divisible by 100 units. For example 100 cents make 1 USD, 100 centavos make 1 Peso and so on. 1 Bitcoin is not divisible by 100 units. It is divisible by 100 million units or 100,000,000. At present there are little more than 14,000,000 BTC which has 14 quadrillion units. That’s 14,000,000,000,000,000 units… more than all existing currencies of the world put together. Sorry but OneCoin members are grossly mis-informed and misled.

Bitcoin is superior to all currencies and is here for generations. Even if the world multiplies by 1000, plenty of BTC.

A poor person in a 3rd world country can buy $0.05 cents worth of Bitcoin. A fraction. OneCoin lies to its members by teaching Bitcoin is only for the rich and not the poor. That is the farthest from the truth.

Also Bitcoin is decentralized and OneCoin is owned by their company. Xcoinx is the only exchange for OneCoin and that is because it is also owned by OneCoin. Lots to see when you raise the hood on the OneCoin Ponzi.

Also OneCoin is not running second or third to Bitcoin. They screenshot below has been created by themselves which misleads people into thinking that OneCoin is running second to Bitcoin…You can’t even compare OneCoin to Bitcoin or even any other CryptoCurrency  as OneCoin is NOT on a Regulated CryptoCurrency Exchange where as Bitcoin is….see the below misleading screen shot from XCoinx website..

XcoinX OneCoin
See for yourself… here is the real Crypto-Currency Chart, where OneCoin is nowhere to be seen: http://coinmarketcap.com/all/views/all/

OneCoin are not even a crypto-currency :

Ask any member to send you 1 OneCoin. Just one. They cannot do it. Ask them what can they purchase right now in the entire world with OneCoin… nothing at all. OneCoin is a ponzi that creates it’s wealth 100% from members giving their money to them. BitClub Network mines and earns on its own and we invest to get a percentage of the earnings.

This is the OFFICIAL list of REAL CryptoCurrencies that are trading on a REAL REGULATED EXCHANGE…

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